Each of these can be answered in 3 paragraphs

Each of these can be answered in 3 paragraphs. The final exam will consist of 4 of the following 8 to be taken in class, with no notes or external aides. I’ll choose the 4. 1. Give a rundown of the four characteristics of a philosophical question. What is a thought experiment? How can thought experiments be useful? Construct your own (not someone else’s—your own!) brief thought experiment, as an example, to show that you understand what this device is. 2. What is Ethical Egoism? Explain and criticize. 3. What is Divine Command Theory? Provide reasons for it and reasons against it. 4. What is Utilitarianism? What is attractive about utilitarianism? What is problematic about it? 5. Should abortion be allowed? What does Thomson think? What does Marquis think? Defend your own answer. 6. Should it be permissible for us to use drugs for recreational purposes? Why or why not? Should it be permissible for us to take our own lives? Why or why not? 7. What are the reasons for eating meat and the reasons against eating meat? Weigh the reasons against each other and tell me which side has the better case overall. 8. In class, I proposed that society implement an organ lottery system. Give me your case against this proposal. In other words, give me strong reasons why we shouldn’t do this.

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