Due Wednesday 03/29/17 by 15:00 (3:00 Pm) No excuses please

Due Wednesday 03/29/17 by 15:00 (3:00 Pm) No excuses please… Do not respond to do this if you cant meet the qualifications. I will know by looking at the assessment and if you used the clinician’s thesaurus per assignment.

In order to do this assignmjent you must have knowledge on doing a child/adolescent initial assessment.

Must also have a clinician’s thesaurus to do assignment its a must. Pages in assignment need to be 8-9 pgs.


Select a child or adolescent character from a major motion picture with an identifiable diagnosis or syndrome (Which I chose the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape- Character Arnie).


  • Identify the character and context.
  • Describe the Identifying Information; Reason for Referral/Presenting Concern; Medical/psych History; Presentation of Self/ MSE; Social History & Family History; Diagnostic Impressions, Treatment Recommendations; and, Summary of Findings.
  • Other headings that address unique aspects of your client should be added. By reading the report one needs get a clear idea of contributing factors, how it affects the client’s interpersonal relationships, daily functioning, general approach in life, etc.
  • If you were the therapist how would you intervene? What treatment goals would you recommend? What intervention would you recommend meeting these goals? (Use the Clinician’s Thesaurus!)

    See attached for furthur instructions on what professor wants in this assignment

    No grammar errors or plagerism and read over paper so it makes sense and followed guidelines..

    Any questions please ask


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