Dissertation Prospectus on how Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and post- traumatic

Dissertation Prospectus on how Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) contribute to learning disability?


Argosy University PSY 492.










Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that affects the mind it is characterized by lack of concentration, hyper activity and impulsive behavior (Argosy2016). It is detected when one is a minor continues to the adolescent age of a person up to maturity.[M1]  On the other hand, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental condition that is induced by horrific or terrific experiences or being exposed to a traumatic experience. It is associated with flashbacks bad dreams and exhilaration. It is also associated with untamed thoughts about the same traumatic event.Attention Deficit Hyperactivity, Disorder (ADHD), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD) affects learning and it has been subject of discussion in the past[M2] . (Argosy 2016)


The reason why they[M3]  contribute to learning difficulties is the it may cause one to have problems with school are in normal life that others may excel in personal life and professional such as jobs and schooling. Additional info is required on whether they are neurological or psychological abnormalities have been put forward (Mason-Allgood, 2005). However,[M4] the solutions are still under debate. [M5] The truth of the study  remains the cornerstone of solving this problem in our society and solving this  would give  jobs to learning children and educates generations[M6]  to come . A percentage of the successful   people are assisted by special  education. [M7] Parents are mandated to make sure that their children get the benefits from education. Our societies are at risk to deter able mishaps that take place many times. The catastrophes include progenitor disputes, passing of dear ones, severe road causalities, state misfortunes like terrorism and events of civil fights. These mishaps have detrimental effects on minors past their outer and mental disorder (Smith, 2010). Such events make children to be traumatized and stressed. Some of the problems in our learning institutions is it may result from ADHD [M8] (Tiah, 2013). And may cause stress and trauma in one’s life and children may not to excel in class. [M9] A research concluded that children with problems in catching up on sleep did not concentrate both at school and at home. The research further concluded that if such children hear sirens they shout that the police are coming (Thomas, 1996 p. 311). A[M10] s a result there is need to put more effort on neurological and examination and psychological examination.The Association of Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) in the recent past came up with a conceptual framework that importantly reviews guidance for accommodating disabled persons in a higher learning environment (Brock, 2012). This is as because of escalating problems within class performances and drop out cases[M11]  have peaked. A previous study has concluded that children drop out of school due to them lacking commitment and concentration. Lack of motivation of children to work hard is because the class is boring (Luft, 2015). A participant issue concluded in lack of preparedness.[M12]  This relates to the issues that that this mental health issue can cause in life and school,


The Literature Review below has some articles that are revised to assist those  indicated in the relationship which study  ADHD or PTSD it also shows the gaps in the research[M13] . Lack of focus on SRL training is an open gap in this literature[M14] [b15] . Educating and reading is also important in the  development of leaning within our  children lives for instance states like Finland, which performs well in reading as an international test, don’t begin teaching reading, until the children are 7 years old when they have harnessed advanced cognitive abilities.[M16]


The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 insists on reading instructions in Schools in USA. The Act bridges the gap which exists in test performance between the whites and ethnic majorities in USA. There was no investigatory research conducted by NRP on bottlenecks the ethnic majorities went through, for instance English language learners and those students speaking substandard dialects of English(Reyhren, 2008) problem statement.[M17] [b18]  The no child left behind law can protect a child with this disorder from being over looked and mistreated. Wikipedia


Recently there has been a notable decline in performance by children in schools although they are being taught well[M19]   (Wikipedia ,2016) . Children exposed to traumatic experiences, parental conflicts and Those who have lost their loved ones in the past are the victims whom there is worry about them.This has prompted the urge to study the effects of mental disorders on studying capacity among children. The study results will largely assist in finding solutions and coming up with a salvaging program to restore learning abilities among children. The findings will assist in coming up with a solution to reduce problems within the mental health field in the near future.[M20]  Children suffering from ADHD have inferior social skills in school and have sluggish social development this in turn affect their relationship with teachers and hence resulting in poor academic performance[M21] .( Argosy University 2016)   Children with ADHD have[M22] learning disability. This research focus on  500 children that suffer  from ADHD and or the disorder of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) the study also involved normal kids[M23] . The three categories will be subject to class training for a year and latter subjected to one standard test study questions after the lapse of the year.  The following are the research the study questions which be used. Firstly to what extent do mental disorders like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) impact on schooling kids? Secondly how do such schooling kids behave when learning, especially, in a school environment?[M24]


Hypothesis/variable H0: There exist no notable dissimilarity in school performance between kids who are ailing from mental disorders and the normal kids. H1: Children suffering from mental disorders perform notably not so well than those with no mental disorientation.


The kids are required to be subjected to standardized tests the results are then tabled in the table below. Number of kids First Examination (Average Results) Second Examination (Average Results) Third Examination (Average Results) kids with ADHD Boys Girls kids with PTSD Boys Girls Normal Children Boys Girls.[M25]


                                               Objective of the statement


This study tries to determine the degree to which mental disorders impacts our  kid’s performances in the examination and consequently the all-inclusive academic excellence in the society. [M26] Its findings are ADHD and PTSD gives hand in reduction on performance on school kids. [M27] This affected by a controlled research of behavior of children with mental disorders and those who are normal in schools.


Data analysis is involves the examination the information and evaluating the important information which can be useful in making decisions (Sivia and Skilling, 2006).Statistical tests will be carried on such data which have been collected. These data will be analyzed through computation and assessment of various measures from examination results. These will comprise of measure of central tendency, dispersion and other statistical measures like mean and modal through statistical software.


A conclusion can be made from the results on the hypothesis to establish the actual veracity concerning them. Such results can be useful to reach a conclusion on whether ADHD and PTSD can bring a difference in performance as compared to normal children.[M28]


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