Directions: Please read the attached document titled “CBS News Poll on Mental Illness Stigma.PDF”.

Directions: Please read the attached document titled “CBS News Poll on Mental Illness Stigma.PDF”.  Using MS Word write a 250 to 350 word essay answering the following questions.

Use Basic APA format: 1 inch margins, Times New Roman font- size 12, Double space entire paper including reference page.

  • Paragraph 1 Directions – In at least 4 complete sentences tell if you were you surprised by the results. Why or why not?
  • Paragraph 2 Directions – In at least 3 complete sentences tell what you found that was the most surprising results of the survey?
  • Paragraph 3 Directions – If you or someone you loved needed mental health care how difficult do you believe it would be to obtain help? (Make sure to review the information found on pages 3 – 4.
  • Paragraph 4 Directions – If you or or a loved one needed immediate mental health, what are the top three locations in your immediate community that you would turn to for help?  Make sure that you also include the hours of operation, phone number(s), and location of each of these three resources.
  • Paragraph 5 Directions – Finally write a brief paragraph (5 to 7 complete sentences) that explains what you can personally do to help those in your local community become more comfortable talking about Mental Health Issues.

Once you have completed the assignment remember to upload your completed document to this dropbox.

Your document MUST be in the MS Word format in order for your Instructor to be able to open and grade it.

CBS News Poll on Mental Illness Stigma.pdf

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