Directions: As usual include the example (images too) in its entirety (including my asides!)

Directions: As usual include the example (images too) in its entirety (including my asides!)

  1. For each example below, decide if the behavior in question was acquired through operant or classical conditioning.
  2. If operant conditioning (OC), identify which type of consequence was responsible for the behavior change (i.e., positive/negative reinforcement; positive/negative punishment).  EXPLAIN WHY! For example: What is being given or take way? What is increasing or decreasing?

3. If classical conditioning (CC), identify the UCS, UCR, NS, CS, and CR.

  1. The smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies baking makes your mouth water. (If you give a mouse a cookie. Any of you remember this book?)

Mouse a cookie.jpg

  1. You eat some sushi from a gas station store (Yes, this really happened to one of my students after he lost a bet.) and then get sick with food poisoning. You develop a dislike for the food and feel nauseated whenever you smell it.
  2. McDonald’s puts game pieces on certain sizes of fries, drinks, and sandwiches during the promotion.


4.In the chilly weather of So Cal (sarcasm), your hands are cold so you put your gloves on. In the future, you are more likely to put gloves on when it’s cold

5.A professor, (yes, it’s me), has a policy of no cell phone usage during class. If she sees a student texting she will take away their phone.

6.You want to teach your cat not to scratch the furniture. However, when you’re not near enough to reach him, you have paired the sound of a clicker with getting squirted with water. Now the sound of the clicker causes him to startle. (As the Mother of Kittens, I can attest to the fact that this does not always work!)

** Now generate two (2) CC & two (2) OC examples from your own experiences!! Follow the criteria at the top of the page.

7. Your Classical Conditioning example:

UCS :             UCR:      NS:         CS:                CR:

8. Your Classical Conditioning example

UCS :             UCR:      NS:         CS:                CR:

9.Your Operant Conditioning example AND explanation

10.Your Operant Conditioning example AND explanation:

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