Design a treatment plan utilizing the case study of Leigh (page 171) following

Design a treatment plan utilizing the case study of Leigh (page 171) following the format displayed in Figure 6.2 on page 172 of the textbook. Be sure to address the following in your treatment plan:

  1. Problem areas identified
  2. DSM Diagnosis with specifiers
  3. Goals & Objectives to address each problem area identified
  4. Describe Treatment Interventions
  5. Client’s strengths and weaknesses (liabilities)
  6. Theoretical model for treatment strategies

****Case Discussion (Continued) Let us return to the case of our 17-year-old, polysubstance-abusing client Leigh. After her arrest and detoxification, she was admitted to a 30-day chemical dependency rehabilitation program. Her biopsychosocial assessment re-vealed a history of using alcohol and marijuana at parties and sometimes during school hours. She has had some moderate school-related problems (e.g., lateness) and a shoplifting charge. She described a new, well-defined group of peers who “I like to hang out with and party with.” Some potential problem domains re-lated to Leigh’s situation might be as follows: Relationship factors: gravitates toward unhealthy, drug-using peers Home environment: disengaged rela-tionship with father, financial stressors, and feelings of having to choose be-tween parents Medical treatment: potential dietary problems, disheveled appearance, and poor hygiene It is important to have an accurate, reliable, and detailed assessment to identify problem areas and match them to the most fitting problem domain. Each problem domain, al-though often conducted separately, is con-sidered part of the full treatment plan that is both time-consuming and inclusive.

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