create a newsletter to parents that addresses the following questions

create a newsletter to parents that addresses the following questions:   

(1) According to the authors, what are some tips (AT LEAST THREE) that you can offer to parents trying to establish healthy eating patterns?  Be sure to share why as well! If you have some of your own based on experience, please share a few examples, too!

(2) Consider how these tips might work differently across culture.  Essentially, how might these tips vary by culture and age cohort?

(3) Identify a culture different from your own and compare its healthy eating patterns to your own cultures.  What are the differences and similarities?

Your newsletter should be fun and creative and should adequately address parents who might have a kid in the early childhood phases of development.  Please have fun with this week’s assignment; an

assignment; an example is below! Upload your newsletter here!

NEWSLETTER | Don't Waste The Taste

Task 2

Then, consider this: what is the significance of children engaging in play? 

What do you believe to be some of the changes take place in the brain during this period of development? Please be specific. Also, how do you think these changes in the brain contribute to overall maturation. Provide some examples from your own development here!

Please identify and describe Baumrind’s different parenting styles.
Then, consider what type of parenting style you received as a child? Support your answer with an explanation containing at least one example. (Keep in mind it is possible to have received more than just one parenting type).

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