Create a mock forensic assessment report based on a  patient in a selected

Create a mock forensic assessment report based on a  patient in a selected vignette. Provide your diagnostic impressions  based on the DSM-5 criteria. Name the file M4_A2_LastName_LASA_Draft.doc and submit the paper to the Submissions Area.

Your instructor will provide feedback by critiquing the  rough draft so that you can make corrections and additions to your final  submission due in M5 Assignment 2 LASA.

For this assignment you are to:

  • Improve your interview and referral questions for the case vignette you selected in M1 Assignment 3. Use the case vignette you selected in M1 Assignment 3 for this assignment.
    Next, create and document a set of mock interview  questions and potential referral questions to ask your client and  yourself. You can determine the questions in relation to the case  vignette that you choose.
    You might also want to consider some of the example referral questions listed below.
    Analyze all the information provided in the case  vignette and begin to formulate a hypothesis as to why the individual  needs referral.
    Example Referral Questions:
  • As a forensic mental health professional, what factors need to be  considered in your psychological testing for the forensic assessment  report?
  • What behavioral observations do you make about the client by reading the case vignette?
  • What are your assessment options in working with the client?
  • What standards and accepted psychological  tests might you apply to your client in forensic settings? Select from  the instruments you researched in M3 Assignment 2 RA.
  • How will you recognize and evaluate your client’s offender behaviors associated with malingering and deception?
  • What theoretical orientation do you want to use in this case for your treatment recommendations?
  • What is the case scenario you have selected?
  • What is the reason for referral?
  • What is the purpose of the forensic assessment and report?
  • What is the nature of the problem presented in your selected case vignette?
  • What is the context in which the forensic assessment report will be used?
  • What is the background of your client?  What are the symptoms displayed by your client and the significance they  have in this case?
  • What is the mental status of your client?  Be sure to elaborate on every major component addressed in the mental  status examination.
  • What interview type and approach did you use with your client?
  • What tests are appropriate to use in your  forensic assessment report? Identify one intelligence test, one  objective personality test, and one projective test.
  • What collateral information will you use in the process of the evaluation?
  • How will you present your impressions of the client?
  • Write a Forensic Mental Health Professional Individual Assessment Report. Use the Forensic Mental Health Professional Individual Assessment Report template (you can download the template from this link).
    Evaluate and interpret the information provided to you in the case vignette that you have selected in M1 Assignment 3. Synthesize the information you collected to create a Forensic Mental Health Professional Individual Assessment Report. Your findings should be in a report format.
    In a 10- to 12-page report, include only the following components:
  • Reason for Referral: Explain the objective of your  case vignette analysis, clearly bringing out the aspects or reasons that  motivated you to carry out the study.
  • Presentation: Create mock  interview data and collateral information (you are to identify the  questions to ask in the interview). Provide a synopsis of the interview.  Provide data to support the mental status of your client, based on your  forensic assessment report and the mental status components you have  identified.
  • Current Life Situation and Background Information:  Explain the problem provided in your selected case vignette using the  interview and mental status data. How does the data relate to the  background of your client and your behavioral observations?
  • Objective Testing:  Identify the assessment instruments you would recommend to evaluate the  client and explain the rationale for your recommendations. Describe the  objective tests you have selected and their use. How did you apply these  tests to your selected case vignette? Based on your study, what is your  analysis of the symptoms displayed by your client? What ethical and  multicultural issues do you need to address? You will apply what you  have learned from M3 Assignment 2 RA into this section.
  • Provide your diagnostic impressions based on DSM-5  criteria. What is your principal diagnosis? What is your secondary  diagnosis? Are there other conditions that may be the focus of clinical  attention to consider?
  • Conclusion and Recommendations:  What is your hypothesis based on the mental status examination, the  interview, personality tests, and symptoms analysis? Explain your  hypothesis and substantiate it, using instances from your case study.  Discuss your results with conclusions and recommendations.

The final Forensic Mental Health Professional Individual Assessment Report should contain all the assigned components and the corresponding information.

Your final deliverables for this module are:


  • Selected case vignette
  • List of interview/referral questions
  • Assessment template
  • Final assessment report

Your report should be approximately of 12–15 pages.

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