COU 2360 Paper Guidelines — 100 points  Each student will choose a topic

COU 2360 Paper Guidelines — 100 points

Each student will choose a topic and write a paper summarizing the key points of that topic using at least two peer-reviewed sources. Newspaper articles, blogs, websites publications, Wikipedia articles, and/or any other non-published material will not be acceptable.  Students should access the Faulkner University library website to find sources.

1. Length: three to five pages

2. Format: APA (

3. Grammar: Paper must be written in grammatically correct, complete sentences. Information should not be copied from sources but summarized in the students’ own words.

4. Main content:

a. Introduction: Preview of summary, reason you chose topic

b. Research-based definition of topic

c. History/background of topic (statistics, facts, etc.)

d. Description of major research on topic

e. Conclusion: Student reactions, future directions for research, further questions, practical applications of findings

Article Summary Topic Ideas

Psychology of happiness

Links to depression

Determinants of happiness

Personality (differences among siblings, differences among cultures…

Personality and mental health

Effects of stress

Positive coping skills

Effects of positive and/or unhealthy coping skills

Any other topic covered in the textbook……we will discuss other ideas in class.

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