Contemporary Issue Analysis (200 points)

Contemporary Issue Analysis (200 points)

This paper is a researched essay. Each student will select a contemporary issue relating to leadership in their current or future field to examine/analyze and propose a solution for that issue using ideas from this course and other leadership courses, their experiences (if applicable), and the research literature available to support it.

o Students are required to apply at least one concept learned from our course texts (Contemporary Issues in Leadership and Primal Leadership) in the analysis of this problem.

o Students should argue how the implementation of at least one leadership theory, model or approach might contribute toward a solution.

o A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 sources (at least 2 of which much be from peer-reviewed journals) should be utilized and cited in explanation of this topic. Past students have had success using texts from other LEAD courses in support of their ideas.

o The finished paper should use APA style for paper set up and documentation; this includes a cover page, an abstract, and a references page. Use APA Headings to help organize your paper.

o Expected length of this paper: 6-8 pages of text (does not include cover page, abstract, and references page).

o Be sure to craft a title that reflects the overall point of your paper, something that catches the readers’ attention and gets the reader thinking before reading.

Contemporary Issue Analysis Proposal

Why is there such little motivation in the Amazon Warehouse? (This is from the perspective of a recently retired Army guy)..

  1. what the topic/issue is

Leaders and associates not showing any pride in the organization, associates going and coming as they choose, with little regard for rules. The Organization has little to no disciplinary actions to take against anyone for violating them.

  1. why you are interested in it

I’m interested in this area because I currently work there, and I see the potential for this site. Deep down, I know that this is not what this Organization/brand stands for.

  1. a full citation of one journal article that may be used in      your paper and a summary of what it states about your issue.

Works Cited

Taylor, B. (2018). Economy. What if Amazon’s Next Big Innovation Was to Improve the Jobs of Its Blue Collar Workers?, 1-4.

This journal article is about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and how he releases an annual letter to the organization, (yearly) on issue on big strategic insights and gritty management takeaways. The author highlights how he notices how this was missing for several years, actually every letter since 1997. He stated that Bezos boasts on his take on how he can apply his powers of strategic thinking and bold innovation to creating a more compelling future for the hundreds of thousands of Amazon workers who work in its warehouses and distribution centers.

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