Conference choice 3-Save a life: Global Facts and Prevention of Suicide

Conference choice 3-Save a life: Global Facts and Prevention of Suicide.

Most people are surprised when they find out that eating disorders are in fact, more prevalent than one would imagine-and also show up in more ethnicities, than one would be lead to believe from media reports. A second phenomenon which has recently been a cause for concern globally is the tragedy of suicide. These facts, also, tend to cause surprise and come alarm, and are being taken very seriously by agencies across the world, including the World Health Organization.  Recent events have again brought the issue into the spotlight, with the cases of the late brilliant artist, Mr. Robin Williams, Ms. L’Wren Scott(case recently covered in Psychology today, Death by Design appears below in case studies), and the countless other persons who never are mentioned in the news, but whose  precious lives were cut short tragically. With utmost respect for the memories of the departed, as well as their families, and in the hope of preventing further loss, I present  to you this conference choice.

Alarming statistics: Every 40 seconds, globally, a person attempts suicide.  The World Health Organization(WHO) has, this year, put together a report related to this, showing suicide rates across nations, analysis of causes and prevention helplines and warning signs. If you look at the material you will find that contrary to what most people think, persons planning suicide actually do present with some warning signs.

This is a sensitive topic, especially in the light of recent events in the news, but it must be spoken of,  here are a few facts:


I am providing a link to the WHO report, and here is a short video by WHO relating to the topic.

WHO short informational video:

The global report may be found here:




Instructions: Check the WHO video, the report from above, and share what you think is the most important fact that you would like the world’s public to know. Next, look on the internet for possible case studies(some possible links are mentioned below, similar to our eating disorders cases as well). Report what you found here. And last but not least, mention at least 2 possible warning signals and 2 suicide prevention strategies/treatment(survivors, families, or both). Who knows, maybe one day you can recognize the symptoms- and  save a life!


Possible case study resources(you can use one of these, or find another one on the net, my only request is that the case study portrays the persons involved in a respectful and empathetic fashion, not judgmental:

For those who may be going into counseling, this doctor’s report for clinicians in the wake of Mr. William’s tragic end points out some important points for clinicians, can also be incorporated into the suicide prevention/treatment strategies as an option.

Another post by Dr E. Ducharne from the Your Mind Your Body site maintained by APA

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