Conduct research and create a 3 page paper presenting and supporting your

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Conduct research and create a 3 page paper presenting and supporting your personal counseling theoretical preference which is cognitive therapy. You should conduct a computerized literature search on the particular theoretical approach that feels like the best fit. Remember to select a theory that aligns with your worldview and your perspective of the best therapeutic relationship. References should be from empirical/scholarly works that support and further define the position. You should include the following in your paper:

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  • Discuss limitations of your chosen therapeutic approach, including any clients or presenting problems for which it may not be appropriate. Support your ideas with findings from existing research on the approach.
  • Identify the ethical standards from the American Counseling Association’s (ACA’s) code of ethics (American Counseling Association [ACA], 2014) that apply to the use of an approach deemed unsuitable for a particular group or presenting problem. Discuss the harm that might be caused by applying an unsuitable approach.
  • Provide an example of how you would apply a minimum of two specific theoretical techniques to a fictitious client’s need.
  • Provide a plan for how you will continue to develop your knowledge and skills related to that theory.
  •  apa format  no grammar issues

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