Choose one of the following topics and discuss in detail.

Choose one of the following topics and discuss in detail.

OPTION 1. Discuss the claim that it is merely arrogant to judge other cultures’ moral practices, and that we should tolerate what other cultures do within the context of their own societies. Does arrogance imply that something is incorrect? Can we talk about such a thing as moral progress, within our culture or others, without being guilty of this? And even if we are being arrogant, does that make it wrong? If you wish, visit this site and explore cultural practices that may challenge your thinking (like the one at right).

OPTION 2. Discuss the claim that there are no universal moral truths. What do you think people mean by “universal” in this sense? Consider what our readings have to say about it.

OPTION 3. In moral theory, subjectivism is the idea that what we call “right” and “wrong” is no more than simple personal preference. Write your original post–describing the pros and cons to accepting subjectivism. Why might it be desirable if subjectivism were true (the positive side of subjectivism)? And why might it be undesirable if subjectivism were true (the down side of subjectivism)?

Use ONE of the following examples to illustrate your discussion.

*Abby comes home later than expected. She’s trying to decide if she should lie to her parents about the reason.

*Bob likes to pull the wings off of living butterflies. He wants to try pulling the wings off of living birds to see if he enjoys that, too.

*Carla disapproves of unmarried couples having sex. She considers lobbying for strong laws to punish people for sex outside of marriage.

Your answer must be between 350 and 500 words. You must include quotes and reference citations from an assigned reading for the week in your original post as identified in the rubrics.

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