Choose ONE of the following options to complete and submit:

Choose ONE of the following options to complete and submit:

Option 1 – “Writing is one of the most important aspects of reading.”  Your textbook identifies and describes several memory strategies.  Choose one strategy that you already use and one you would like to try.  Identify and describe these strategies and how you do/might utilize them.  If you have not used any of these strategies then choose two strategies that you would like to try; describe them and how you might utilize them.  Complete the “Try It!” 5 “Determine Your Memory Style” (Chapter 6). Submit your answers to the four questions following the questionnaire.

Option 2 – Review table 7.2 “Sample Citations for Different Types of Sources” (Chapter 7) noting how to cite according to APA style.  Define plagiarism. Identify two types of plagiarism.  What are a couple of possible consequences for plagiarism?  Describe two ways to avoid plagiarism.  What are two reasons citations are necessary when quoting and paraphrasing?

Option 3 – Your text mentions many strategies to garner your audience’s attention at the beginning of speaking publicly. Identify five of these tips and describe two that you might use in preparing your next oral presentation.  What do you perceive as your greatest strength and your greatest weakness in giving an oral presentation? What might you do to improve?

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