Choice #1 I. Follow the Guidelines for submitting written work and do the following:

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Choice #1

I. Follow the Guidelines for submitting written work and do the following:

A. Select ONE of the Mood, Eating, Sleep, Sexual, Gender Identity, or Substance Related disorders that you are particularly interested in, and research that disorder.

B. In a paper no longer than 5 pages, no less than 3 pages (not counting the Cover, Outline and Reference page), double spaced, 1” margins all around, do the following:

(1). Cover Page (10 Points)

(2). Outline (10 Points)

(3). Name the disorder and summarize the major features of that disorder (5 Points)

(4). Find and then summarize a case example that clearly portrays the disorder. (10 Points). The case may come from professional journal or textbook ( NOT the text required in this course), from a professional web site, or an educational video for example. At a minimum identify for the person in the case: age, sex, cultural issues, family dynamics, economic/job/educational issues and reference for the case.

(5). Record a Mental Status Exam on the person in your case, following the format on page 70 of Essentials of Abnormal Psychology, 7th ed. (10 Points)

(6). Record a DSM 5 Evaluation on the person in your case using your text, the Learning Guide or other DSM 5 professional resources (web or print). (10 Points)

(7). Select one pharmacological treatment for that disorder. (10 Points)

Research that medication through a pharmacological/medication web site, or a medication reference text no older than 3 years. Identify the following for that medication: Generic and Trade Names by which the medication is known, the usual dosage, instructions and precautions a client is given when taking the medication, and the major side effect/greatest danger for that medication.

(8). State and describe 1 non-pharmacological treatment for that disorder. (10 Points)

(9). State the role stress plays in the development or exacerbation of this disorder, and if it played a role in the case that you selected. (10 Points)

(10). At the end of the paper, summarize your major reaction(s) and feelings to what you learned about the disorder you researched, what prompted you to research the disorder you selected, and how you will use this information in your chosen career field. (10 Points)

(11). Reference List, APA style. (5 Points)

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