Can people train their brains to only remember positive memories?

Can people train their brains to only remember positive memories? If so, would this be beneficial or something that could cause problems? Identify research to support your positions.  Do you think IQ tests and other standardized tests have a place in modern academia? 100 word count


what is Cognitive Psychology ?100 words count

Explain algorithms and heuristic. 100 words count

Bolstered by propaganda which acknowledged women’s endurance, women entered the workforce in greater numbers during WWII. This unit’s Seminar will cover the significance of advertisements employing the iconic figure of Rosie the Riveter, as well as opportunities in fields, such as mechanics or the newer aviation industry, which were previously not deemed appropriate for women. You will also consider how women’s wartime labor would impact existing race, gender, and class barriers.

1. Rosie the Riveter is an important figure for women politically and socially. During WWII, women began to experience meaningful changes associated with the expansion of women’s rights. This included more and more women leaving the domestic sphere and entering the working world. How did this propaganda encourage women to enter the workforce?

2, How did working women’s lives change during World War II? How did working affect their lives and the way they felt about themselves? To what extent were barriers based on race and sex broken down? To what extent did they remain intact?

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