Bobo doll! This experiment is one of my favorites. 

Bobo doll! This experiment is one of my favorites.



Albert Bandura (still alive and at Stanford today) conducted an experiment in 1961 related to aggression and modeling. Children watched an adult beat up a blowup clown Bobo doll and then the children were observed to see if they modeled the adult’s behavior. (“Bandura and Bobo”, 2012)


Prior to this study, the view on aggression was that “hitting it out” would get the aggression out of a person. Today we know that aggressive behavior just escalates on itself. But the experiment was not about aggression itself, rather the intent was to see how much children copy adults through modeled behavior.



You can watch actual footage of the Bobo doll experiment on YouTube. Albert Bandura himself is the narrator.


“Bandura and Bobo”. (2012, March 25). APS Observer, 25. Retrieved from bobo.html

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