below are disscussion post for 4 weeks. week 1 discussion: Giving meaning to constructs:

below are disscussion post for 4 weeks.

week 1 discussion: Giving meaning to constructs:

Hypothetical concepts, such as honesty, are variables that cannot be observed or measured directly and therefore, require operational definitions; describe one procedure that might be used to measure honesty.

week 2 discussion:

Access the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases’ “Health Information – Digestive Diseases” database. Choose a “Digestive Disease Topic” of interest to you. Discuss the signs and symptoms, how it is diagnosed, and any possible treatments. What advice or counseling would you provide someone who was diagnosed with this disorder?

week 3 discussion:

Suppose you are planning a research study in which you intend to manipulate the participants’ moods; that is, you plan to create a group of happy people and a group of sad people. For example, one group will spend the first 10 minutes of the experiment listening to upbeat, happy music, and the other group will listen to funeral dirges. Do you consider the manipulation of the people’s moods to be an ethical violation of the principle of no harm? Explain why or why not.

week 4 discussion:

Dr. Jones conducted a study examining the relationship between the amount of sugar in a child’s diet and the activity level of the child. A sample of 30 four-year-old children from a local preschool was used in the study. Sugar consumption was measured by interviewing the parents about each child’s diet. Based on the result of the interview, each child was then placed into one of two groups: high sugar consumption and low sugar consumption. Activity level was measured by observing the children during a regular preschool afternoon. Finally, Dr. Jones compared the activity level for the high-sugar group with the activity level for the low-sugar group. Explain why Dr. Jones’ study is not an example of the experimental research strategy and provide way that it can be tested experimentally.

each answer must be at least 150 words

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