Banksy (graffiti artist) Philip Glass (composer, minimalism


  • Banksy (graffiti artist)
  • Philip Glass (composer, minimalism)
  • Joseph Campbell (mythologist)
  • Carl Sagan (astrophysicist, cosmologist


  • Hal Cone (theologian, Black liberation theology)
  • Limor Fried (electrical engineer, aka Lady Ada, open-source hardware)
  • Jane Goodall (primatologist)
  • Ai Weiwei (artist, cultural critic)

Reviewthe list of names provided in the University of Phoenix: Creative Genius List.

Selecttwo individuals who were famous for their creative ideas (one from each column).

Researchthier biographies in the University Library and/or respected sites on the Internet.

Write a 700-1,050- word paper to include the following:


  • Information about each of the thinker’s unique contributions to society
  • The problems or issues that their ideas sought to solve
  • Each thinkers’ personal/social/political environments and how you think these factors contributed to their creativity
  • The creative process of each thinker, including obstacles they faced, and a comparison to Ruggerio’s creative process (refer to chapter 5 ofThe Art of Thinking)
  • Critique a failure of the individual: could they have done something differently? What was the effect or result of the failure?

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