Assignment Instructions Learning Activity D

Assignment Instructions

Learning Activity D

We have learned about how important it is for adults to have control over their own learning. This week you are to create an assessment based on chapters 12 and 13. This may be a multiple-choice test, a fill-in-the-blank test, or any other style of test. Create an answer sheet for the assessment as well. Be sure to test on the most significant topics in the chapters.

Use the rubric below to grade your own work. Your instructor will grade your work as well.

Learning Activity D Grading Rubric
Criterion Point Value
Learner demonstrates his or her understanding of the learning by including an answer key with correct answers (CO4, CO5) 50
Learner’s work is significant and thoughtful 20
Learner shows creativity in his or her project 20
Learner submits assignment on time 10

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