Assignment 2: Child Abuse in Homes of Substance Abusers

Assignment 2: Child Abuse in Homes of Substance Abusers

Research clearly indicates a connection between substance   abuse and child maltreatment. Among confirmed cases of child  maltreatment, 40  percent involve the use of alcohol or drugs.             An estimated 480,000 children are mistreated each year by a   caretaker who has alcohol or drug problems. Additionally, alcohol and  drug  problems are factors in a majority of cases of emotional abuse and  neglect.

Answer the following:

  • Given       these statistics, why do you think a  more concerted effort is not made in       the media to make citizens  aware of the association between substance       abuse and child abuse?
  • Choose       one of the following audiences, and describe a plan to heighten awareness       of this problem:
  • Grade        and high school students
  • Parent        or child organizations such as Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts
  • Welfare        recipients
  • Include       three action points for implementing  this awareness plan nationwide to the       chosen audience.  Be sure to        specify:
  • Who        will deliver the information?
  • How        will the information be delivered?
  • What        systems will be put in place for support if needed by participants?
  • Include       one additional action point to address prevention strategies in the       population chosen above.

Create  a two- to three-page plan. with citations and references

Submit your plan as a Word documen

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