Art as Communication




Imagine that you are an art curator and that you have an unlimited budget to curate any art exhibition that your heart desires as long as it is about one of the five topics listed above.  You can rent or buy any space or any building for this project. Artworks can include sculpture, murals, architectural structures or anything related to the topic you choose.  The sky is the limit! You can fly in works from all over the world. Your paper will explain how your art show demonstrates ideas inspired by these topics using at least six pieces of art from two different artists and from two different eras or cultures. These works should educate the viewer. Your job is to explain to us how the art you’ve selected proves or reveals to us your thesis and what the art proves about the artists’ intent or their place in history.

Your Art Curator Project FINAL (art exhibition) will be a paper of 1500-2000 words, with images. You must include at least three “block by block” or “point by point” comparisons between your six artworks. Formal analysis and comparisons are methods you will use which will be practiced throughout the class building up to your Art Curator Project. Choose 6 works that are similar enough to make sense together but different enough to create dynamic and exciting comparisons. There are materials in the course labeled “How To Write A Comparison in Art History” which will be helpful for this.  Each comparison should help to prove the thesis of your paper. Through comparisons we will see how form and content work together to create meaning in art.

Checklist of The Art Curator Project FINAL

  • Title of your exhibition
  • Clearly stated thesis (this is not the same as the topic) (See “Just what is a thesis in art history” Week 1 Lecture)
  • Word doc of 1500-2000 words
  • Include discussion, analysis of artworks by at least two different artists (See “How to Look at Art”)
  • Include images of the (at least 6) artworks, correctly labeled to match captions in textbook.
  • Note: Up to 2 of the 6 arts works may come from the textbook. Find the rest from reliable sources such as museum sites and the Course Resources in each Week. Be sure to include identification of each.
  • Include at least 5 resources. You may use the textbook for one. Wikipedia does not count. Two resources must be from journals.
  • Getlein, M. (2016). Living with art (11th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education. ISBN13: 978-0073379319


Professors comments on draft;

1.The Art as Communication topic should really focus on the ways art can be used to further a social or political message. Be sure that this is the central focus of your paper, not just the stories being communicated.

2. Include five or more reputable sources for the final assignment. 

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