APA Format. A minimum of 350 mwords with references

APA Format. A minimum of 350 mwords with references

In 1783 American colonists, defying incredible odds, had just beaten the United Kingdom, western hemisphere’s preeminent power. Now, these thirteen colonies, saddled with a new governmental charter, the onerous Articles of Confederation, sought to chart their own, independent path. Yet, by 1787 disgruntled colonists sent delegates to Philadelphia in order to revise the dysfunctional Articles of Confederation. In a surprising move, many delegates sought to scrap the current Constitution and craft a new government.

These delegates, steeped in the philosophies of the European Enlightenment, memories of a war of independence against Imperial Great Britain, cognizant of the current failures of the current constitution (Articles of Confederation) , and alarmed by the civil discontent post-independence, arrived in Philadelphia seeking change. In a radical departure most delegates decided not to amend the current constitution – but instead – craft a new Constitution.

As a result – the United States Constitution reflects political, social, and economic factors particular to the late Eighteenth century America.


Historical Context of the U.S. Constitution


Directions: Please research two historical and/or philosophical influences upon the U.S. Constitution. Explain, in specific detail, how these external factors influenced a particular clause, section, or article within the U.S. Constitution.

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