Answer both questions each a minimum of 250 words with references and in-text citations

Answer both questions each a minimum of 250 words with references and in-text citations. Please read and answer each part of question (1) and (2).

1. Psychology professionals need to avoid giving false information. One example is someone saying he is a psychologist with a Ph.D. when he only has a master’s degree. What areas will a professional in the field need to be aware of when advertising? What information is acceptable according to the Code and what information is seen as a violation of the Code? Once you have this first question answered, think about the field of I/O psychology. How will advertising affect your own personal and professional role in the field? Give examples.

(2) Psychology professionals are often asked to give presentations, whether in their communities or at state or national conferences. This is a great honor. Professionals are also often interviewed after state or national conventions by the media. Imagine the following situation: You are excited to see your name in print for the first time. You pick up the paper to read the article about your presentation. The author has stated that you have a Web-based counseling service and has listed the site. Because of your association with the group you just presented for, the article states that your expertise is in forensics and that you give free advice to those in need. In reality, your expertise is in substance abuse.

What effect could this article have on you as a member of APA? What issues arise with regard to the Ethics Code? What would your course of action be after reading this article and noticing the discrepancy? Can you think of any other areas in your field of interest that have the potential to become misrepresented? What can you do to avoid such issues?

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