Answer any two (2) of the following questions. Answers to each question

Answer any two (2) of the following questions. Answers to each question should be in the range of 500-700 words, or the equivalent of two-three typed, 12 point font, double-spaced pages, and include at least two references other than those in the reading assignments. Please note that your references should begin on a new page separate from your answer to the question.

1. Based on your readings, your friends and yourself; what are some problems that can lead someone into electronic addiction and what are some ways to deal with that addiction? [MO5.3]

2. How would the goals of: Energy, Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Social, Wealth and Legacy help an electronic addict clarify what it is they want in place of their electronic addiction? [MO5.2]

3. Imagine you’ve just completed a program to end your electronic addiction. When you think about electronics now, what do you see? What are the effects? Positive? Negative? Are you experiencing new behaviors that have replaced your old ones? [MO5.5]

4. With electronic addiction taking up so much of a person’s life, they will need to determine ways to fill that time. Describe ways that this can be accomplished

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