Adolescence Discussion–1st post due by 12/1 

Adolescence Discussion–1st post due by 12/1

According to Erickson, the crisis of adolescence is one of identity versus role confusion, which propels an individual from the simplistic identity of childhood to a more integrated and complex view of him or herself. Reflect on your own experiences in developing a personal identity during adolescence.

  1. What thoughts, emotions, and behaviors do you remember as part of this period?
  2. Do you feel that “crisis” is an accurate description of this stage of development?
  3. Do you think identity formation ends in adolescence or is it an ongoing process?


Adolescence is also a time when some individuals engage in risky behaviors such as: experimenting with alcohol  and drugs, texting while driving, having unprotected sex, etc.

  1. What do you see as the causes and consequences of risky behaviors?(Hint: use what you learned in the text to support your answer)
  2. How could we reduce the occurrence of these types of behaviors? BE SPECIFIC

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