A- First choose ONE topic:  Myasthenia Gravis Hodgkin’s Lymphoma HIV/AIDS

A- First choose ONE topic:

  1. Myasthenia Gravis
  2. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

B- Next, conduct your research of scholarly articles (Avoid sites like Mayo Clinic, WebMD..). Use the WCU Online Library databases. ****Here is a link to assist you:  https://www.csuchico.edu/lins/handouts/scholarly.pdf

C- Follow these steps:

  • Select two relevant and appropriate scholarly articles that address the topic you chose.
  • Present a thorough literature review of both articles by summarizing, synthesizing, and evaluating the materials. Stay factual in your review. Analyze the information…
  • Demonstrate understanding of the content presented in the articles.
  • Include a critical assessment of the sources. Do not simply include a summary of what you have read.
  • Incorporate citations into your body paragraphs; incorporate the essential and most relevant supporting evidence eloquently and appropriately.
  • Present your writing in a clear, organized manner.
  • Provide a strong introduction and conclusion, including further questions for research.
  • Use proper APA format with proper citations. Review APA Citations Here

*Your paper should be 1 to 2 written pages in length and follow APA format.

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