DB Admin Security

Option 1 Objective: Develop an action plan for migrating a working prototype database design into a “real” database for the data layer of a 3-tier architecture.


Signature Writing Assignment (due in Week 4):


A 500+ word plan that demonstrates results from technical research conducted about implementing a working prototype design of a database into a production environment. Assume that a working prototype has been built as a vehicle for demonstrating the design. After the work plan is accepted, scheduling the deployment will be a milestone for certifying a fully operational database (using an alternative to having any front end application) after clear test acceptance by both technical and business end users. Yes, the design may be for the final outcome for ITM450 project. The plan must contain at least 3 references composed in APA style, with cross reference to cited quotations or paraphrased content from source. Using Owl of Purdue for proper formatting of references is suggested. Citing a professional’s expert opinion is accepted.

CrypTool Lab

Just follow the instructions in each section. It should not require more than a page if single spaced and responses are concise. 

Legally Blonde – The Musical

Introduction A. Use a “hook” (an opening that catches your reader’s attention) B. Title, playwright, and type of play (genre) C. Date of the production, place, and name of performing group or company D. Theme of the play (main subject matter or message of the play) E. Plot outline (exposition, rising action, climax, denouement, resolution) II. Atmosphere A. Explain how it was expressed in the scenery, lighting, costuming, sound effects, and music (Ex: gloomy, cheery, cold, surreal, simplistic, realistic, etc). Be sure to be specific with details. III. Technical Evaluation A. Setting B. Lighting C. Costuming D. Makeup IV. Acting Evaluation A. Were the actors convincing in their roles? B. Did all characters work together to create ensemble or did some detract by not doing what they should? C. How did voice/movement affect believability? D. Did the actors underplay or overplay their parts? E. Were there any outstanding performances? (Give specific examples and details) (Consider if a character was played by an actor’s understudy) V. Directorial Evaluation A. Did the stage stay comfortably balanced? B. Did all aspects of the production communicate the same concept or feeling or were some distracting? C. Did this production interpret the script to your satisfaction? D. Was the director’s concept true to what the playwright intended? E. Were any aspects of the production confusing? VI. Personal Opinion A. Discuss any aspect of the play you wish, but give reasons to justify and explain your beliefs. B. Recommendation or not? Completed Assignment: – Title page – Complete Play Critique paper (3-4 pages) – Theatrical Critique Notes – Play Critique Evaluation Sheet. – Scanned and uploaded all in Blackboard under the Assignments tab.


Legally Blonde – The Musical – https://youtu.be/iKMsllsH0zI

Castle Dracula

Book Review: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

You Book Review will have the following sections and should be about 1200 words when finished and include 2 outside sources (outside of the book) and a works cited. 

Sections I: Introduction

This section should be short and simply introduce your book and author and a VERY BRIEF overall summary of what the book was about. (**brief, remember I already read the book**) and a sentence that lets me know what your centering theme will be that you will discuss (from theme section below)

Section II: Characters

In this section I would like for you to give me a list of the MAIN characters (those whose journals we are reading, choose 4 to discuss) and give me a short description of each AND tell me how they are DYNAMIC in the story (you may not be able to answer that part until you are done with it). In other words in what way/ways does each character alter through the story, and what causes these changes either in character, emotion, behavior, or beliefs?

Section III: Setting

This section I want you to discuss the two main settings that this story takes place in. What are they? Give me a brief description of them and tell me how they are important to the story. Why have two main settings and go back and forth? What might each represent/symbolize? What type of imagery is there and what is its purpose? Think about Gothic style, how does this story fit into that style of writing, and why might it have been used? 

Section IV: Theme

This section is where everyone may have something different. Pick at least one (if not more) themes that you feel the author is making comment on in the story. Is the author trying to say something about society? Man in general? Sensuality? Sexuality? Love? The Duality of man? Power? Cruelty? What do you think? Whatever you choose, you will need to explain it, and give examples from the text that illustrate this particular theme/themes and how they are portrayed or illustrated in the book. 

Section V: Conclusion

Time to wrap it up! In the conclusion I would like you to evaluate the book overall. Don’t use “I”, but still give a final critique on whether or not this book was entertaining, and did the author get his point/s across. Perhaps say a few things that were good/bad about it. Is it still a relevant work today? Then wrap it up, and end it. 

you need to make 2 defferents interview ans scripted it

interviews must be with retail experts. and must follow the attached interviews questions 

Supply Chain Management

Students are required to present an analysis of ‘Supplier Selection, Development and Portfolio Management’, As a A General Manager at www.Anazeem.com

  • Critical analysisand clarity of argument
  • Knowledge and use of the academic literature
  • Relevance
  • Structure and organisation
  • Bibliography and Referencing