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Business: Business Management: Discussion Question 4.1 – Chapter 4Discussion Question: Choose ONE question to answer.  In the subject area, indicate whether you are answering question #1 or question #2.

1.  Discuss how globalization not only led to the pandemic but also magnified its effects and impact (both initially and currently).  Be sure to give specific examples to support your discussion.

2.  Select a country and discuss in-depth its position, relevance, and importance in terms of global trade.  Identify significant cultural elements that could impact doing business with that country.  Explain
Your post will be graded based on content, depth, and original thought

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*Refer to “How to” ppt under the READ THESE FIRST block for posting instructions

Forums will be open and visible to students starting the first day of class. The forum will be invisible to students the moment the due date has passed.
Students MUST upload their first paragraph and wait 30 minutes before being able to see other students’ posts to respond. It is Recommended you approach Discussions in the Following way:
Make sure to do adequate research starting on Monday.
Go through Multiple drafts of original Post
Get initial post on forum by Wednesday at noon.
Choose a post to craft a response for.
Refer to week’s research to inform your Response Post
Get response Post up by 11:50pm, 10 minutes before Midnight on Sunday
*Teacher Expects all students to have a Response Post to their original post*


Think of your favorite music artist. Explain who they are, the genre of music they perform, and explain whether you consider this artist to be “original” or not.
Include a link to at least one song written and performed by the artist.
Include a link to at least one song that was NOT written by the artist, but they performed it.
Then, watch the documentary link below and explain again (citing specific points of argument/quotes from the documentary) why you do or do not think your artist is “original”.
Documentary –


Damien Hurst is a British visual artist whose work spans decades. Look at his retrospective and his artist statements of both two dimensional and three dimensional work. Identify what the “main idea/inspiration” of his two dimensional work is, then the “main idea/inspiration” of his three dimensional work.
Then explain which work (2D or 3D) is communicating the idea more efficiently to you. Explain why and site specific pieces to support your point.
Video Interview at retrospective:
More pictures of his work:


Watch the Video Below and Address the following question:
Are Doris Slacedo’s Public works benefiting her audience? Explain why or why not. Be sure to consider who she considers to be her audience. Is that audience local or foreign? Does the audience benefit monetarily from her work, emotionally, or some other way? Give specific examples and a picture of which piece you are referring to in the post.


Discuss at the last place you worked, what was the architecture like? Was the space made of natural materials? Was it an open, spacious layout or cramped? How did that effect you while working there? (Include a minimum of 5 images of similar materials/ textures or similar buildings to that of your workplace. You can find google image search if you need to)
Now watch this-> TED talk on Architecture:

In the Response Post to another student, explain with the Principles of Design from the Architecture section of your book which 2 principles were most lacking in that work space, which 2 were most efficient, and the first 2 changes you would make if you were the architect for that work space.

Beethoven’s fifth symphony (Proms 2012)
Walter Murphy’s “A Fifth of Beethoven”

Listen to these two pieces of music. Consider each of these songs broken down into the elements and principles of music. What are their instrumentations, tempos, cadences, musical texture etc. Now consider the following scenario:
A classical music concert is held and livestreamed at the local symphony society. They cover many classical works by different composers. Walter Murphy’s “A Fifth of Beethoven” is played at this concert.
Was it inappropriate to include Murphy’s composition in the concert? Why or why not?

What is Discourse Community? – homeworksmith


As in life, groups gather into communities for discussions and analysis in applied linguistics. A type of grouping that is widely used to reports written communication is “Discourse Community.” John Swales, an influential analyst of written communication, described these communities as groups that have purpose or idea, which uses communication to get to those goals.

James Poter also defined it as a temporary constraining system, represented by the practices of texts, unified by the same focus. Moreover, a discourse community is a textual system having some stated and unstated conventions, a vital history, institutional hierarchies, bestowed interest, and so on. An Individual joins the community through proper training or by personal urge having different languages, so the primary language of a discourse community is described as registers or datatype. The most important factor is the “map” of the discourse community that entails goals, vocabulary, and genres. Still, these do not remain fixed as with upcoming interests and participants, and they keep on modifying.

According to John Swales, and educator and researcher, the discourse community can be defined into six segments:

  • It has a broadly agreed set of similar public goals.
  • It comprises of mechanisms of intercommunication among their members.
  • It uses a participatory mechanism primarily to provide information and feedback.
  • It tends to utilize and possess one or more genres in the communicative furtherance of its aims.
  • Along with owning genres, a discourse community has acquired some specific lexis.
  • It has an entry-level of members with a suitable degree of relevant content and discourse expertise. [3]

Traditionally, the focus of discourse communities used to be interpersonal communication at the workplace. However, the trend shifted in recent years to web-based discourse communities. While getting into the study of discourse community one-must questions, what exactly constitutes a discourse community? What idea, concept, or factors unite the particular group and people?

The convolution of any research topic requires an intimate aspect of the individual and writing produced since being a part of such a social group.  Principally, there is no existence of a discourse community without interacting between individuals and the literature they produce, and the opinions regarding other members of the community.  Often, members do not classify themselves as “discourse community.” Rather, they take it involving themselves in something that is of their sheer interest, where others also have the common interest.
Lester Faigley, examining the topic of discourse communities and their writing from a social theoretical perspective, argues that an author shaped by the social and interactive norms around him and so his text bound up within those social contexts. Text is not detached to document solely, somewhat representative of the principles and delicate rhetorical shades of the environment in which it has formed.

While considering individuals a vital part of discourse communities, it is not limited to the involvement of people from distinct linguistic and cultural backgrounds as they begin to adapt to the standards of that discourse community. However, based on the pursuit of a common goal, involvement in one discourse community does not hinder participation in other groups. Cultural differences can inhibit the anticipated flexibility of learning in communities of practice. Cultural barriers can overcome by creating an online community, as some people tend to perform better-using technology.  Besides, the students, in many cases, tend to perform better in online discourse communities than in a classroom environment.

With the above description, it is clear that place of employment, our class, friends group, and all groups to which we belong are discourse community. And their success only depends on online communication, interpersonal communication, or the blend of both.

Nurs 6050 N policy & Advocacy for population health


Title: In this Assignment, you will analyze recent presidential healthcare agendas. You also will prepare a fact sheet to communicate the importance of a healthcare issue and the impact on this issue of recent or proposed policy.

Instructions: in this assignment, you will analyze recent presidential healthcare agendas. you also will prepare a fact sheet to communicate the importance of a healthcare issue and the impact on this issue of recent or proposed policy. to prepare: review the agenda priorities of the current/sitting u.s. president and at least one previous presidential administration. select an issue related to healthcare that was addressed by two u.s. presidential administrations (current and previous). consider how you would communicate the importance of a healthcare issue to a legislator/policymaker or a member of their staff for inclusion on an agenda.

use your week 1 discussion post to help with this assignment. the assignment: (1- to 2-page comparison grid, 1-page analysis, and 1-page narrative) with a title page. this is an apa paper. use 2-3 course resources and at least 2 outside resources. part 1: agenda comparison grid use the agenda comparison grid template found in the learning resources and complete the part 1: agenda comparison grid based on the current/sitting u.s. president and the previous president, and their agendas related to the population health concern you selected. be sure to address the following: identify and provide a brief description of the population health concern you selected. explain how each of the presidential administrations approached the issue. identify the allocation of resources that the presidents dedicated to this issue. part 2: agenda comparison grid analysis using the information you recorded in part 1: agenda comparison grid on the template, complete the part 2: agenda comparison grid analysis portion of the template, by addressing the following: which administrative agency (like hhs, cdc, fda, ohsa) would most likely be responsible for helping you address the healthcare issue you selected and why is this agency the most helpful for the issue? how do you think your selected healthcare issue might get on the presidential agenda? how does it stay there? an entrepreneur/champion/sponsor helps to move the issue forward. who would you choose to be the entrepreneur/champion/sponsor (this can be a celebrity, a legislator, an agency director, or others) of the healthcare issue you selected and why would this person be a good entrepreneur/ champion/sponsor? an example is michael j. fox is champion for parkinson’s disease. part 3: fact sheet using the information recorded on the template in parts 1 and 2, develop a 1-page fact sheet that you could use to communicate with a policymaker/legislator or a member of their staff for this healthcare issue. be sure to address the following: summarize why this healthcare issue is important and should be included in the agenda for legislation. justify the role of the nurse in agenda setting for healthcare issues.



Important notes: my class discussion post was on mental diseases

Children brain developments in toddler stages


Children brain developments in toddler stages:

Summary of the journal article’s Background / Introduction section, including but not limited to an overview of the purpose of the study, the previous research on the topic, and the significance of the study from both a research and a social perspective. (40 points)
Identification of the study’s Hypotheses. Be sure to identify the independent and dependent variables for each hypothesis. (20 points)
Summary of the study’s Methods section including but not limited to (a) number and descriiption of the study’s research participants, (b) procedures used to identify and select participants, (c) procedures used to conduct the study, and (d) how data on each variable was collected and measured. (40 points)
Summary of the Results section of the study. Clearly state the results for all hypotheses. Be sure to note which hypotheses were supported and which were not supported by the study’s research. (20 points)
Summary of the Discussion / Conclusion section(s) of the study including the researcher’s interpretation of the results and the potential application for future research and/or practical application. (20 points)
Your Constructive Critique of the journal article including whether or not you found the journal article to be well-written, organized, and understandable (including explanation and examples) from your perspective as a non-expert on the topic. (30 points)
In-text citations and reference list. Students will submit this assignment to Turnitin for plagiarism evaluation. (10 points)


Consider yourself responsible for securing the data of your workplace. You must already be aware that this is not as simple as backing up to another hard drive


Consider yourself responsible for securing the data of your workplace. You must already be aware that this is not as simple as backing up to another hard drive. It is important to have backup tools, processes, and policies for both business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Let’s see how you plan to present your disaster recovery skill!


For the final section of your playbook, create a 3- to 4-page outline of backup policies for when the data center is inaccessible.


Complete the following in your outline:


* List the tools used for backup purposes.

* Explain the following:

* Where employees should work from that day

* How employees can get to their data

* The communication methods about updates

* Outline step-by-step instructions to recover your databases and telecommunications.

* Provide a step-by-step guide to recover and provide any additional company assets.

* Discuss policies for backup media storage.

* Discuss policies for encryption of backup data.


Note: Numbered or bulleted steps or guidelines make the document easy for others to follow under potential stressful situations. Paragraphs can be used to help support the steps or guidelines.


Cite at least 2 resources to support your assignment.


Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.


Assignment checklist:


1. Title Page

2. Be sure to use the headings listed

3. The total “Backup Policies” section of the paper must be 1050 – 1400 words (about 3-4 pages

but I will be looking at word count)

4. Recommendation: Use the bullets or key points in the instructions and create corresponding heading and subheaders. This way it will be obvious that you hit the key points

5. Include at least two additional references that are properly cited for a total of at least six references

6. Any images must have a caption and reference in the paper.

7. Combine any screenshots (if used) and the remainder of the assignment into one APA formatted document. If you submit the assignment in multiple parts you will lose points

8. Follow APA format (fonts, etc) – For details on the formatting see the UOP library tab.

9. All assignments will be in MS Word format unless otherwise noted.


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Simulation Project – Reflective essay

Drawing on lessons learned, the reflective piece will highlight specific actions that the candidates intend to take to further develop their practice as a business manager / leader. The intention of this piece of work is for you to draw lessons from the simulation project that can help and support you current and future career. Drawing on relevant literature the reflective essay will: Explore what reflective practice is and why it is a useful process for professionals to undertake; explain what topic(s) you are going to reflect on and why it is relevant to you; introduce, and justify, the reflective model(s) that you will use; give your reflection and analysis (which will be more about analysis than description); provide a SMART action plan (Doran, 1981) to make the most of your learning; provide a comprehensive list of references. High quality pieces will be reflective, draw on a wide range of ideas and experiences, and demonstrate significant learning for the individual. Less strong pieces will be descriptive and have little reliance on the literature. Avoid providing a mere description of what happened in each round. Focus on what you have learned/ can learn from the experience. N.B. There will be a comprehensive on-line tutorial briefing ahead of submission of the reflective piece

Social stratification

Write a 350- to 500-word paper in which you discuss the show or film as it relates to race, gender, and social class stratification. Do the following:

  • Describe the show or film you selected, including a brief summary of the plot and setting of the story.
  • Describe at least 2 examples of social inequalities that you observed. Which social structures or norms could have contributed to these inequalities?
  • Explain the theoretical perspective—functionalism, conflict theory, or symbolic interactionism—that you used to explain the social inequalities. Explain your reasons for choosing this perspective.
  • Describe the connections between the social stratification of class, race, and gender you observed in the show or film and the ways that it represents inequality in our society

Talmudic legal tradition

510RESEARCH ESSAY:TALMUDIC LEGAL TRADITION ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEWFor this assignment, we analyze the second major legal tradition that developed, the Talmudic legal tradition. The Talmud is the major source of this tradition and has been maintained for thousands of years. Often referred to as the Jewish legal tradition, this tradition has influenced countless other traditions throughout the world. This assignment hones your research and writing and sharpens your analytical skills by requiring you to identify historical aspects of the Talmudic legal tradition, while also deducing how the history has shaped the present in the United States.INSTRUCTIONSThis Module: Week you have read about the Talmudic legal tradition, a unique legal system that has existed for thousands of years. For this first essay, answer the following 3 questions:Is this legal tradition a religious legal system?How has this legal tradition allowed the Jewish people to maintain their identity?Has this legal tradition influenced the legal system of the United States?Your essay must be 5–6 pages in current Bluebook format and contain at least 5 scholarly sources in addition to/other than the course textbook and the Bible. Wikipedia does not count as a scholarly source. Include headings for clear organization. Cover Pages will not count toward the page total, and your citations should be in-text citations (not footnotes, endnotes, reference pages, etc.).Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.