1.  Search the state licensing board of Wisconsin and answer the following

1.  Search the state licensing board of Wisconsin and answer the following:

These can be found at:
Wisconsin  Board of Psychology Laws and Regulations (2015)

Review the APA Ethics Code: http://www.apa.org/ethics/code/index.aspx

Board Contact Information by State – Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards

Write a brief summary of the key points regarding the laws, ethics codes and licensing requirements of the state of Wisconsin. This portion should be 2 pages.

2.  Consent to Treatment

Create a disclosure/consent form that you might use as you begin therapy with your clients so that ethical/legal/dual relationship issues are discussed “up front”.
Include any laws specific clinical psychology, and limits of confidentiality. You might check with other practitioners to see what they use. Include fee information, late and missed appointments, theoretical orientation, etc. You will get ideas from the text. More Ideas: your qualifications, education, licenses, etc. Include a description of the therapeutic process they might expect, length of therapy, etc.
Hint: There are many samples available on the internet and you may use the headers of these samples as a guide or template for creating your own.

The consent to treatment should be 2-3 pages.  [no title and reference page]

Assignment Outcomes:Recognize the major issues related to sound and professional practice in psychology

Assess and evaluate legal and ethical mandates in clinical context

Describe local laws regulating the practice of psychology

Explain the training, supervision, and state licensing requirements

Demonstrate ethical behavior in the use of technology

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