1. Read text “Work and Retirement” in Section 3 of Chapter 12 (Late Adulthood

Part A

1. Read text “Work and Retirement” in Section 3 of Chapter 12 (Late Adulthood). Read the websites related to Social Security and retirement in Module 4 Resources. Do a little of your own research on the internet about Social Security (how it started and original intention, current and longterm projections, etc.)

2. Tell what you think should be done to save Social Security, so that it will be around when YOU want to retire. Or should we not “save” it, but rather come up with a better idea? What steps have YOU taken (or plan to take) to save for your own retirement years? (Share as you are comfortable.) Please offer creative solutions;don’t just vent. Brainstorm with us on this critically important.


300 words



Part B


Search the internet for information about Alzheimer’s Disease. Summarize in your own words what you learned by writing TWO good paragraphs. First paragraph: What are the major symptoms and how is it diagnosed? How can a definitive diagnosis be made?

Second paragraph: Briefly discuss some of the latest theories regarding possible causes of Alzheimer’s. What is the treatment?


300 words




16usd due in 24 hours …. must be 100% orginal.  APA

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