1. Describe the basic aims and techniques in psychoanalysis/psychodynamic therapy

1. Describe the basic aims and techniques in psychoanalysis/psychodynamic therapy versus those in humanistic therapies such as Rogers’ Client Centered Therapy.  How do they differ?  Which would you prefer, or think is more effective?


2. Describe the aims and techniques of behavior therapy based on classical conditioning, as well as that which uses operant conditioning .  How does behavior therapy differ from ‘talk’ therapies like psychoanalysis and client centered therapy?


3. Describe the basic assumptions, aims and techniques of cognitive therapy

4. What are the potential risks of group therapy?


5. Describe the evidence for the effectiveness of psychotherapy ).  What are the problems with this evidence?  Are all therapy techniques equally effective?  Is one particular therapy more effective than another?  If so, what therapy for what disorder?  Why do consumers of psychotherapy need to be careful?  What factors affect success in therapy?  Describe some of the cultural and value issues in psychotherapy.  Considering the above, would you seek psychotherapy or advise someone to do so if you/they had a problem?  Why or why not?


6. Describe the effectiveness and safety of anti-psychotic drugs, anti-anxiety drugs, anti-depressant drugs, and mood stabilizers.  Also describe the biochemical mechanisms of each type of drug .  Explain why these drugs are not ‘cures’.


7. Describe electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) and psychosurgery, and explain why they are controversial.  How effective are they?


8. To prevent disorders, should we change society?  If so, how?  Give a specific example where this approach would work, or not work.


*10.  Develop a treatment plan for a patient who presented the following complaint:

I hate going to college, but I must so that I can get a good job. It makes me so sad, tired and angry, and takes me away from my friends and fun things to do. I don’t understand how to do the things expected of me in college, and I don’t understand why I need to know this stuff. Life is just so meaningless and absurd – we are born just to die. No one really cares about anyone else, and everyone is just out for themselves. There is no point in doing anything in this cruel stupid world. I think I will just live in the street and beg, and spend the money on drugs.



11. First, what is the patient’s basic problem or problems – what do they need?  Second, indicate your treatment goals to address his/her needs.   Third, prescribe and describe the appropriate therapy to meet your goals.  Justify your choice of treatment approach based on research evidence in the text. Alternatively, explain why they should not seek treatment at all. Prescribe and describe any medication or biological treatment, if you think it appropriate. Explain how the benefits of the medication outweigh the risks for this patient (pick a specific drug)? Finally, how would you measure the outcomes of treatment to prove your goals were met?

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