1.) dentify the differences between case studies, naturalistic and laboratory

1.) dentify the differences between case studies, naturalistic and laboratory observations, tests, surveys, correlational studies, and experiments

2.) Distinguish between a theory, a hypothesis, and an operational definition. You must also provide an example for each one.
3.) Compare the three early psychologies of structuralism, functionalism, and psychoanalysis. Your response should identify the major thinkers who promoted each of these schools of thought and an example of an area they would examine

4.) When people think of psychology, they usually think of mental disorders, emotional disorders, abnormal acts, personal problems, and psychotherapy, but it relates to many different areas of life. Define psychology, and describe how it addresses topics from a scientific perspective. Your answer must include two specific examples.

5.) Classical conditioning and operant conditioning are two ways in which learning occurs in some animals, including humans. Provide one example of each type of conditioning from your own life. Explain step-by-step how the conditioning occurred. What would it take to unlearn this behavior?

6.) We all have very busy and stressful lives. Give an example of a stressful event from your own life, and then analyze it in terms of the general adaptation syndrome. How did your body respond to the stressor? Then, explain how you coped with the stressor. Based on the readings in this unit, do you think your coping technique was effective?

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